What is Lucario Armis?

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What is Lucario Armis?

Post by Admin on Tue Nov 15, 2016 11:54 pm

Lucario Armis
(Originally established as The Lucario Guild Reborn in October of 2014)

What is Armis?

Armis is a statement of peace in a world, short for the word armistice. An armistice is a treaty signed to not wage war anymore. It is what allows other countries to connect to each other peacefully and that is what we wish to accomplish here. We are all here from different walks of life, each of us are different. Although what has drawn us all here is one thing, Lucario. Lucario and even the adorable little riolu is our treaty, our peaceful connection.

We are a symbol of peace in the world, happiness being our cause. We do not care about your beliefs, religion, orientation, or even stereotypes as we want to break down that wall to form a place that you can be happy. We don't care what you do or what your beliefs are, we care about who YOU are. You will not be judged here nor attacked in any way. We want to inspire you to be better within your standards as a person. In the spirit of mega evolution, we may even push you out of your limits to being your amazing self. We want to give you a smile being with us and we want you to feel happy. That is our goal.

We are all bonded by the interest of lucario and this place will take advantage of that to make your lives better. We are very stubborn when it comes to people in need and when it comes to making time to have fun. A lucario is always resilient, able to fight against the darkness in life, but they don't have to do it alone. Just like mega evolution, there is power in others. Most of us are emotional beings, who deeply care or are able to relate to how you feel. That's just a single fact about aura, it allows us to feel the emotions of others.

You do not have to be afraid to be here or to even talk. We want you to express yourself here and enjoy what we have here. We want this place to inspire you for the better and be able to look back and be happy that you are a part of this place.

That is Lucario Armis

A fandom we all love, enjoy, or like that brings us together to bring a smile each day. A group of people who share interests and don't care if you are different. A establishment of many types of people who all talk about and even express their feelings under the name, Lucario.


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